Several years ago, Marquette and I went shopping for shorts.  The store we went to was definitely not the nicest store I’ve ever been to.  In fact, it was far from it.  It was kind of a make shift store of sorts with the pants and shorts just piled on tables.  Back then I was probably a size 12.  So of course I picked up shorts that were labeled as size 12.  Seems pretty obvious…doesn’t it?  But they didn’t fit.  In fact, they didn’t come close to fitting.  So I tried on a 14 and still a no go.  It wasn’t until I got to a size 16 that the shorts actually fit.  Of course I was then in a bad mood and wanted nothing to do with the shorts…besides the fact that they were the ugliest things I’d ever seen.  No way was I buying a size 16 when I was a size 12.

So I talked to the manager about the mis-sizing and he said, “Oh ya, the sizing is off a bit.  We told the manufacturers to change the sizes to be different from other stores.”  OK, that doesn’t make sense on so many different levels.  There is absolutely no woman in this world who wants to buy clothes 2 sizes bigger than they are.  It’s a mental thing.  Size matters!!

Case in point.  I’m now a happy size 14.  It’s a size I can maintain and still eat.  I might not be the skinniest cow on the block but it’s maintainable.  But the other day my mom got me some pants that were a size 12.  I didn’t think there was anyway I’d fit into those things.  But I did!!  Talk about pure happiness.  I haven’t lost any weight, size or anything else but suddenly I can fit into a size 12 pants.  It stopped me from eating treats today because it was pure sunshine to my soul.

So I once again ask the question….Does Size Matter????  It does to me! 🙂

BTW, I’ve never been back to that store again.