The other night Marquette and I decided to do a little pants shopping.  I needed some make-up and someone had recommended a make-up counter at a high end store.  You know the kind of store that you feel like you’ve got to pass a credit check before they even let you in.

After hitting the make-up counter we went upstairs to look at pants.  I figure it doesn’t cost anything to look OR to try on.  So seeing as I’m feeling skinny after losing 9 lbs., I decided this was my night.  I tried on one pair of pants.  The cost…$138.  Ya, you read that right $138.  But like I said, I decided it doesn’t cost a penny to try them on.  Well, they should have paid me $138 to try those things on.  I knew I was in for trouble when my first leg didn’t even fit into the pants.  But I tried to squeeze myself into those pants without any luck.  It was so depressing!!!

As we continued to look around I continued to see really expensive pants.  Now I’m all for good quality and maybe even paying a little more if I can actually find something that fits.  But a $138 for a pair of pants??????

So I’m throwing the question out there, how much would you pay for a pair of pants?