I really enjoyed Marquette’s blog about loving our bodies even if they are not perfect.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot in regards to both me, as an adult, and also in regards to younger girls.  I’m not overly obsessed with my body, although I would like to lose some weight.  I rarely, if ever, look at fashion magazines.  But I look at my young teenage nieces and see the influence of this all on them.

I really like Dove’s campaign about Real Beauty.  I was just watching this video below and I look at these young girls and see all they don’t lik about themselves and it’s sad.  We need to empower these girls with self-confidence so that they too can love themselves.  I look at the teenage girls that do actually have some self-confidence and the changes they can make.  If we could teach the younger girls to love themselves for who they are and for their differences, we would have women who also love themselves and their differences.  Here is the video for you to watch:

What do you think?  Do your young daughters or nieces have the self-confidence to make some changes and to believe that they really are beautiful?