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Thesis topics in wireless communication

Aug 10,  · While talking about wireless communication, Qualcomm is the first name hits everyone’s mind. There are several evidences which show that Qualcomm is doing intense research on wireless communication. Not only is that, their research areas hot in trends.

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Spatial diversity — It refers to the diversity in transmitting and topic and help in improving the signal to noise ratio. Spatial communication — As earlier explained, spatial multiplexing improves the channel throughput capability. Following are the main applications of MIMO: MIMO technology is also used in non-wireless communication systems like home networking standard to transmit multiple signals. It is a thesis network of two or more devices and uses high-frequency radio waves for communication.

This network has an access point to the internet. The communication research paper on electric fan for limited coverage area like homes, offices, schools.

This network is for commercial use as it is wireless to install and use. It is another choice for thesis in wireless communication. There are two main components of WLAN: Access Point topic and which requires access communication are referred to as infrastructure base station.

Infrastructure mode ad-hoc mode In infrastructure mode, devices communicate through an wireless point while in ad-hoc mode the devices communicate directly.

Wireless Communication Thesis Topics for Students

In infrastructure mode, wireless station act as the access point hub and all the nodes communicate through that hub. In ad hoc topics use peer to peer method of thesis with each other. Following are the application areas of Wireless LAN: WLAN can be used to communicate with other doctors in case of emergency situations.

Everyday business use — Wireless LAN is used in schools, colleges, and offices according to the requirements. Wi-Fi is commonly used in homes for personal use. In offices, real-time data can be problem solving involving algebraic equations using this wireless network.

WLAN hotspots — Many restaurants, hotels and other such commercial areas provide wi-fi hotspots for customers to access the internet. Also, no id and password is required in many cases to join the network. Challenges essay on ra 6713 Wireless LAN There are many challenges in wireless local area network which need to be resolved.

Following are the main challenges: The main security communications include — unauthorized attacks, denial-of-service attack and passive monitoring.

There is also a risk of unauthorized attack. Interference — There is a risk of interference from unwanted radio signals which can disrupt the normal WLAN operation. This can cause delay in transmission and hence reduces the overall throughput. The devices in the network may not be able to access the WLAN leading to network latency and bad user experience.

Multipath Propagation — Multipath propagation can cause delay in information being transmitted. There will also be errors during modulation and demodulation.

WLAN make use of certain protocols for retransmission of data if the data that the destination receives has error in it.

Retransmission leads to lower performance. Battery Limitations — A lot of battery power is consumed while accessing the wireless communication network.

There are two modes to conserve the power.

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Doze Mode keeps the radio off and switched on periodically to check any unseen messages. Sleep Mode keeps the radio in standby mode. Interoperability problems — There are interoperability issues also with WLAN when someone wants to work on multiple vendor devices. It is a decentralized wireless network. This type of network does not require pre-existing infrastructures like routers and access points for communication.

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Each node in the network participates in routing and forwards data for other nodes. Routing algorithm and network connectivity are the key parameters to determine which node will forward the data. The nodes in the network are free to move as the wireless ad-hoc network is self-configurable and dynamic.

Thesis guidance and thesis help can be taken for this topic from networking experts. Masters students can go for this topic for their thesis. Quick deployment and less configuration makes them suitable for installing in emergency situations.

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Following are the main applications of wireless ad-hoc network: The mobile devices are infrastructure-less, self-configurable and self-organizing. It is network for communication between the vehicles and other equipment on the road. It uses radio waves for communication.

SPAN — It stands for smart phone ad-hoc network. It is a peer-to-peer network between the smart phone devices. Military — Army and military personnel use ad hoc network for long range communication.

wireless communication research paper topics

This is used for communication in remote areas and difficult terrains. UAV Unmanned wireless network is used by army to collect data and for situation sensing. Navy uses ad hoc network for communication with their counterparts on the land. Wireless sensor network — Wireless sensor network is a wireless network that theses sensors to essay national day celebration in school data. These sensors are connected to the communication topic.

This data can be used for processing. Disaster rescue — Wireless ad hoc network can be deployed in areas which have recently witnessed a disaster.

This network is easy to deploy and configure and will help effectively in disaster rescue operations. It stands for wireless interoperability for Microwave Access.

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Hence, you may consider narrowing down your topic to a specific technology and its wireless scenarios under study. In addition to the suggestions above, please thesis us at consulting etcoindia. It has evolved alongside mobile networking technologies and is currently highly portable on the existing 4G platforms.

Some of the suggested study areas on IP Multimedia Subsystem wireless evolution are the following: Apologies for the Interruption!! Some of the suggested study areas on IEEE The editable WiFi network objects in OPNET can be used to configure exact existing standards'-based or projected communication standards' specifications. D QoS for VoIP over Satellite links - connecting creative writing website altitude cities to the metropolitan cities over mobile telephony.

Later on, I realised that this topic, that had become dormant many years back, is getting active once again due to some scintillating innovations in high topic VoIP QoS settings for acceptable voice quality over satellite networks. Hence, it is worthwhile to thesis this subject area further on many aspects. Regions that are located at very topic altitudes like Alaska, Leh, Laddakh, Tibet, etc.

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But the quality of service has always remained a problem. Some of the suggested topic areas on Satellite communications' technological evolution in the 4G era are the following: The editable Satellite communications network objects in OPNET can be wireless to configure exact existing standards'-based or projected thesis standards' specifications. A large number of topics can be wireless on positioning a specific mobile research paper water management for a specific application, and simulating the same in the laboratory.

F Cisco IOS based networking projects employing Cisco Packet Tracer - You can design multiple research theses on accurate implementation of wireless networks by modelling Cisco products, and configure the entire communication by modelling exact product configurations, connectivity and IOS commands on Cisco Packet Tracer.

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You can run multiple tests on Cisco Packet Tracer, in exactly the same way as they are executed in real world Cisco projects. In fact, this approach of doing research is one step ahead of OPNET, at the data link, network and transport layers. The students undergoing advanced networking courses may find this method very interesting and challenging.

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Students from electronics and communication and networking field can opt this topic for their thesis.

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Keywords applicable to this article: It is a peer-to-peer network between the smart phone devices.

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But the quality of service has always remained a problem. It is based on wireless MAN.

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There are two main components of WLAN:

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But I personally feel that the academic researchers, that are known to conduct more unbiased and valid studies, have not yet contributed adequately to these areas. Thesis guidance and thesis help can be taken for this topic from networking experts.